If you’re reading this you can obviously see that my website is brand spankin’ new. I said buh-bye to the pastels and watercolor and hello to punchy, bold colors and lots of whimsy! Through a questionnaire at the start of our working relationship, my designer (Kristen Ashton of Still Pixels) gained so much information from […]

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Dude, I have a new website!

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With the entire world just a plane ride away, choosing a honeymoon destination can be overwhelming. I haven’t exactly been all around the world (yet), however many of the spots I’ve visited make for great honeymoon destinations. It makes it a little awkward when I’m by myself or with a friend instead of my husband. […]

A Roundup of Honeymoon Destinations

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“Leap and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs It’s a quote often seen on inspirational bumper stickers or printed on the cover of notebooks in gold foil, a reminder to take chances and deal with the outcome later. But what is the net? Where does it come from? And who makes sure it actually […]

My Ecuador Adventure with Traveling Jackie

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The excitement of being published in a print magazine hasn’t yet worn off for me, and I can imagine it won’t anytime soon. The thrill of seeing my work in print is validating, in a way. Getting the opportunity to hold something in my hands and say “I did that!” makes me sigh with relief […]

Published: Where Women Create Business with Curious Fox Press

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When I got engaged eight years ago, Pinterest was in its infancy and thus not one of the popular wedding planning tools that it is today. It was all bridal magazines and a few big name wedding blogs, as well as my own imagination. (Of course my imagination conjured up cheesesteaks for dinner which was definitely […]

Pinterest For Wedding Planning

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Uh, wow. I know I’m not great at keeping up with blogging and all that, but my last post was in June, and for that I am embarrassed. Kind of. Because the catch-22 is the more time I have to blog, the less time I am actually out there shooting. The latter half of 2017 […]

Love Knot Photo: 2017 Recap

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July is almost here and summer vacations are in full swing. Unfortunately, Adulting must take priority over our old summer schedule of eating ice pops and pool-hopping between friends’ houses. Ah, those were the days… It’s easy to lose focus during the hot summer months. But the tasks we avoid in July and August seem […]

Top Three Reasons to Update Your Headshots This Summer