Brand storytelling photography

You're not just selling a product or service, you're selling a story.
Tell the story of your small business with brand photography.

Brand storytelling


Get a gallery of images for social media and marketing with up to four consecutive hours of photography. 

Half Day

We work together for a full day (up to eight consecutive hours) of shooting. 

Full Day



4 hours • online gallery • 2 week turnaround

8 hours • online gallery • 4 week turnaround

Kickstart your brand's visual presence with up to two consecutive hours of photography. 

Quarter Day


2 hours • online gallery • 2 week turnaround

Hourly brand photography begins at $450 for the first hour, and you'll be invoiced for $100 per hour thereafter.

Unsure of how many hours you'll need?

Brew'd Coffee Bar

Finch Knitting + Sewing Studio

Bees Wing Farm

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Crafting Studio

Brew'd Coffee Bar

DC Coffee Bar

Finch Knitting + Sewing Studio

Crafting Studio

Bees Wing Farm

Flower Farm

Before your session, I'll send over a questionnaire that helps me to learn a bit more about your overall vision. You'll have the chance to fill me in on things like preferred photo orientation, must-have photos, and more. We'll work together to create a shot list and plan for your session so that we're both on the same page.

Do I need to provide you with a shot list?


It always depends on each individual session, so please contact me with more information for a rough estimate. Prop, setting, and location changes will play into this final number, as will your overall goal(s) for the photos. Sessions with more continuous shooting will produce more (40-60 per hour), whereas others that work from a shot list and require various styled setups may result in fewer (20-30).

How many photos can I expect from a session?

Yes! I have plenty of suggestions for rental spaces or photogenic spots for sessions if you don't already have a shop or studio space.

Do you have suggestions for photo shoot locations?

Brand photo sessions have an approximate turnaround time of 14 business days or less. Please let me know if you're working with a strict deadline and I will try my best to work within that deadline if it's within 14 business days of your shoot, but I recommend scheduling your photo session to take place early enough to prevent any delays. (Subscribers have a 7 business day or less turnaround time! Click here to learn how to join!)

What is your turnaround time?

"I knew we were on the same page going in because of the questionnaire and the one-pager you sent me ahead of time. This felt like a partnership." - Joanna Platt

Scroll down and fill out the form below and I'll send you over to my booking calendar. Find a date and time that works best for you and I'll be notified - while I try to keep the calendar up to date, if I'm actually unavailable on your selected date or time I'll let you know ASAP.

How do I schedule a session?

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