Brand Lifestyle photography

You're not just selling a product or service, you're selling a lifestyle.
Highlight your work in action with brand lifestyle photos.

WHAT THE           IS BRAND lifestyle PHOTOGRAPHY?


Highlight your work in action!

Don't let the quirky icons and bright colors fool you - I work for businesses because I know how to work for businesses.

I put in the time before your shoot to prepare so that your vision comes to life before your eyes. Together, we'll create a shot list, a general timeline, and even an inspiration board, all of which will help the shoot go smoothly. Less stress = a better experience for everyone involved.

Consider brand ​lifestyle photography your own stock library of images that you can pull from when you need content for social media or an upcoming marketing campaign.

The lifestyle part? That's what ​sells your​​ brand.

Why simply show your products when you can create a lifestyle around them? ​You're not just selling wine - you're selling the idea that by buying a bottle or two of your rosé, they too can have a beautiful picnic in the park with their closest besties!

Ready to kill it with fresh photos?

Brand photography rates start at $450.

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