All of us can come to a consensus that 2016 was shit. Maybe not 1968 bad, but still not great, Bob. The Election That Wouldn’t End brought out the worst in people here in the US; ISIS continued to be a-holes to everyone in the world; and for God’s sake we lost Bowie and Prince. Like […]

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2016: Great for Love Knot Photo, $#!t for the world

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REAL TALK. Be honest: how often do you step in front of the camera? Once a month? Once a year? Not since you were 12? Now be even more honest: How often do you feel confident when you step in front of the camera?

I Feel Pretty: Pampering Photo Sessions for Women!

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More than once, I’ve met with couples to discuss their wedding, only to have them apologize to me because they aren’t having too many details, and they’re just DIYing the flowers and the invites weren’t expensive and… Wait. Stop. Your wedding is still 8 months away, and already you’re convinced that it’s not going to be […]

Dear couples: Your wedding is for you, not me

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Know what’s fun? Getting to be a model for 15 minutes while someone else takes your picture. I mean, awkward, yes, but fun nonetheless. Because when you’re done, you have a bunch of images that make you heart-eye emoji all over the place. I wanted some fun new shots for my website using confetti and […]

Headshot Breakfast!

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Hooray! I am happy to announce that my solo work has been published – for the first time! – in a print magazine!

Published: Mingle Magazine

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I’ve never fancied myself an event planner, but after the success of Celtic Crowns and Cocktails I feel as though I might have a knack for dabbling in event planning from time to time. But only if they involve creating pretty things and drinking whiskey.

Celtic Crowns + Cocktails

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If you’ve spent any time on this website (or with me in person), you’ll know that I’m a girl who loves a variety of things. Sweatpants and dresses. Fresh fruit and queso. Sunny days and thunderstorms. Flower crowns and whiskey. We all have parts of ourselves that seem to contradict the other parts – I will […]

Event: Celtic Flower Crowns + Cocktails