Heading into your photo session with ZERO idea what to wear? GURL. Literally me. But for some reason when I’m not the one in front of the camera, I can pull together outfit ideas like it’s no big deal. And not only outfits: how about a photo session that’s outside the norm of person/couple + […]

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Photo Session Outfit Inspo with Modcloth

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With the entire world just a plane ride away, choosing a honeymoon destination can be overwhelming. I haven’t exactly been all around the world (yet), however many of the spots I’ve visited make for great honeymoon destinations. It makes it a little awkward when I’m by myself or with a friend instead of my husband. […]

A Roundup of Honeymoon Destinations

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When I got engaged eight years ago, Pinterest was in its infancy and thus not one of the popular wedding planning tools that it is today. It was all bridal magazines and a few big name wedding blogs, as well as my own imagination. (Of course my imagination conjured up cheesesteaks for dinner which was definitely […]

Pinterest For Wedding Planning

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Can I make ‘dog in wedding’ a contractual requirement for everything I book going forward? I’m obviously joking, but dude, I want to cry all the happy tears when a couple includes their dog(s) in their wedding day. While I kind of wanted to make this post a photo tribute to pups in weddings, I’m also […]

Party Pooches: Tips for having your dog in your bridal party

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More than once, I’ve met with couples to discuss their wedding, only to have them apologize to me because they aren’t having too many details, and they’re just DIYing the flowers and the invites weren’t expensive and… Wait. Stop. Your wedding is still 8 months away, and already you’re convinced that it’s not going to be […]

Dear couples: Your wedding is for you, not me

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Fact: Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many sources for inspiration: Pinterest, wedding blogs, magazines, even TV shows – so the last thing I need to do is add to it. However, I think so few people these days really think about how to incorporate their quirks into […]

I Wanted Cheesesteak – My Quirky Wedding Planning Guide!

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{I’m currently blessed enough to be traipsing around Europe right now (follow along with me on instagram!), and I’ve asked some of my awesome blogger friends to guest post while I’m away. Today’s guest blogger: DC-based fashion blogger Julien Garman of the blog It’s Julien. Take it away, girl!} It’s been a few years since I’ve […]

What to wear for your engagement shoot ・Guest post by it’s julien