One of the fun things about getting to second shoot weddings with friends is that sometimes it turns into a work weekend away – a mix of business and leisure, but on the business card’s dime. Earlier this month I was set to second shoot with Krysta Norman down in Richmond, which is a good […]

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Wedding Weekend at the Quirk Hotel

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**Scroll down to learn about how you can visit Paris with me in September!** In one of my previous posts, I talked about my new love of shooting film on my travels. It’s freeing to leave the heavy digital body behind and just carry my lightweight film camera + one lens. And with only 36 […]

Traveling with Film: Paris, April 2018

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Salut! I’ve recently returned from another trip to Paris (does that make me sound worldly or pretentious? Either way I don’t care, because #lifelongdreamscomingtrue) and while I’ve got thousands of digital images to continue editing, my film scans are back! I recently got into shooting on film while traveling thanks to my good friend and […]

Traveling with Film

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“Leap and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs It’s a quote often seen on inspirational bumper stickers or printed on the cover of notebooks in gold foil, a reminder to take chances and deal with the outcome later. But what is the net? Where does it come from? And who makes sure it actually […]

My Ecuador Adventure with Traveling Jackie

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Uh, wow. I know I’m not great at keeping up with blogging and all that, but my last post was in June, and for that I am embarrassed. Kind of. Because the catch-22 is the more time I have to blog, the less time I am actually out there shooting. The latter half of 2017 […]

Love Knot Photo: 2017 Recap

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Salut, mes amis! Last month I did something that, by my standards, was rather adventurous: I took a solo trip to Paris for a week because I found cheap flights and, well, why not? In the weeks before my trip (because there were only weeks between buying tickets and actually departing) I started reaching out […]

Virginia Dare Dress Co x Whitney in Paris

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Weekday mornings in Paris are an odd mélange of city noises and stunning quiet. It all depends on where you are, of course. Metro stations are a constant stream of people, few chatting as they mostly wear headphones or read a book. Packed trains empty for a second or two before filling again with a […]

Morning in Paris with Travel Blogger Ainsley About the World