Ever since I bought myself a round trip ticket to Paris for next month*, my evenings have been consumed by brushing up on French and making a list of places I want to visit on my second trip back. I am très excité to return to the city with no plans except to spend my days wandering […]

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Crêpes at La Petite Lou Lou Cafe

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From my little family to you and yours, we hope your holiday season is filled with happiness and peace, and as many cookies as you can handle before wanting to vomit. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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On Halloween afternoon, I put on my Hocus Pocus half-sleeve tee and loaded my bags into the car. Forty minutes later, Jon was bidding me off at the curbside drop-off area for JetBlue at Dulles International. I was about to fly across the country by myself, something I hadn’t done before in all my years of […]

La Jolla, CA / Steer Your Ship

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It’s finally happened – Jon and I adopted a dog. I know, everyone thought we’d be on our own forever, and while we’re still content being DINKs, both of us had wanted a dog for awhile. Little Bronson had been on our radar since the summer. In fact, when I saw him posted on Save […]

Welcome, Bronson!

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My heart. Deep inside my chest, it flutters with the force of one thousand butterflies when my husband brings me a cup of tea during those late nights at the computer. It thumps like an african drum when I dream of far-off lands and exciting new experiences. It beats wildly when I begin creating something […]

My Wild Heart

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I’m a little blown away that it’s already October 25th. I mean seriously, it’s like we visited Scotland during the summer, and then we returned home and autumn appeared as if from nowhere. Seasons, man. As I sit here on my couch watching Halloweentown while I edit, I can hear leaves tumbling down the street […]

It’s my husband’s birthday, and he’ll make fire if he wants to.

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Of all the caribbean islands (at least the ones I’ve been to), Saint Lucia is the one that gives off south Pacific vibes the most. Which is exactly why my brother and his now wife chose this island on which to be married a few weeks ago.

Wander with me: St. Lucia