It’s been nearly two years since this event, but patience is the name of the game when it comes to getting work published! In December 2016, I partnered up with Julie Abrera of Beaumont House Design, and Elizabeth Mock of Modern Mercantile to co-host a Christmas wreath workshop in downtown Berryville, VA. When the workshop […]

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Christmas Wreath Workshop with Beaumont House Design and Modern Mercantile

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The excitement of being published in a print magazine hasn’t yet worn off for me, and I can imagine it won’t anytime soon. The thrill of seeing my work in print is validating, in a way. Getting the opportunity to hold something in my hands and say “I did that!” makes me sigh with relief […]

Published: Where Women Create Business with Curious Fox Press

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that I’m a professional photographer. I just do something I love and have a constant drive to do it better and work harder But then I see my name and words and images published in a guide that features photography experts and I’m like woah. You might remember last year […]

Published: Click Field Guide