Did you know that January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day, or that September 16th is Guacamole Day? I didn’t, until I put together a free printable list of random daily holidays just for readers. I want you to keep your Instagram posts fun by incorporating some of these days into your images or captions. Engage […]

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Heading into your photo session with ZERO idea what to wear? GURL. Literally me. But for some reason when I’m not the one in front of the camera, I can pull together outfit ideas like it’s no big deal. And not only outfits: how about a photo session that’s outside the norm of person/couple + […]

Photo Session Outfit Inspo with Modcloth

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When I was in high school, I can remember my father occasionally attending sessions with a business coach. A business coach? That was the first I’d heard of such a thing, and it confused me. My dad is good at what he does; he has a team of great people and consistently earns awards for […]

My business coach rules (and why you need one, too)

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that I’m a professional photographer. I just do something I love and have a constant drive to do it better and work harder But then I see my name and words and images published in a guide that features photography experts and I’m like woah. You might remember last year […]

Published: Click Field Guide

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In the photography world, consistency is preached all the time. You must have a consistent style of photographing and editing in order for potential clients to know who you are. You must have a consistent look to your Instagram feed in order to match your brand. You must, you must, you must. I don’t much […]

Consistency isn’t always key

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So often as a professional photographer, I meet people who tell me I have their dream job. “I love photography!” they tell me. “I really want to start my own business.” The same words came from my own mouth 5, 6, 7 years ago. All the while, I had done my research and knew that […]

I’ve raised my portrait prices, and here’s why.

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{I’m currently blessed enough to be traipsing around Europe right now (follow along with me on instagram!), and I’ve asked some of my awesome blogger friends to guest post while I’m away. Today’s guest blogger:  Bethanne Arthur of Bethanne Arthur Photography. Take it away, Bethanne!} Growing up, I always thought the idea of owning my own […]

Balancing Work + Motherhood ・ Guest Post By Bethanne Arthur