The Quirk Hotel in Richmond, VA, is probably one of the most photogenic hotels in the state. With its vaulted ceilings (I think? I’m no architect.) and large windows, the space fills with light. Not to mention the stylish decor and pops of color everywhere…  it’s easy to see why the Quirk photographs extremely well. […]

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Let’s have a sleepover at the Quirk Hotel!

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Heading into your photo session with ZERO idea what to wear? GURL. Literally me. But for some reason when I’m not the one in front of the camera, I can pull together outfit ideas like it’s no big deal. And not only outfits: how about a photo session that’s outside the norm of person/couple + […]

Photo Session Outfit Inspo with Modcloth

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Earlier this year I had the joy of working with one of my favorite local establishments again. Petite Loulou Creperie + Bar À Vins in Purcellville, VA, is nearly a year old and has already become a hugely popular spot for all ages. Anytime I walk in to Petite Loulou and see owner Dusty’s smiling […]

Brand Photos: Petite Loulou Creperie + Bar à Vins

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The excitement of being published in a print magazine hasn’t yet worn off for me, and I can imagine it won’t anytime soon. The thrill of seeing my work in print is validating, in a way. Getting the opportunity to hold something in my hands and say “I did that!” makes me sigh with relief […]

Published: Where Women Create Business with Curious Fox Press

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July is almost here and summer vacations are in full swing. Unfortunately, Adulting must take priority over our old summer schedule of eating ice pops and pool-hopping between friends’ houses. Ah, those were the days… It’s easy to lose focus during the hot summer months. But the tasks we avoid in July and August seem […]

Top Three Reasons to Update Your Headshots This Summer

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In my crazy, mixed-up eclectic realm of tastes, I vary between quirky and colorful to styled perfection.  Cathleen Titcomb of Curious Fox Letterpress is a master of what’s affectionately known around my head as perfection porn. For example: Incredibly beautiful, right?! She pours every ounce of her creativity into her work, from mixing the paint […]

Product : Curious Fox Press

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It’s May, which means the strawberry plant outside of our back gate (aka the only plant I can keep alive) is poppin’ with juicy little nuggets, ready to be picked and turned into strawberry shortcake. Ooooooooor… they could be made into a refreshingly fizzy champagne punch using this recipe from the gals at Laura Hooper […]

Cocktail Friday: Strawberry Champagne Punch with Laura Hooper Calligraphy