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When you are a chef, a baker, a coffee roaster, or anything else that involves selling a food or drink to hungry (and thirsty) people, you need images of your goodies. Bad quality images turn potential customers away, but great images sell themselves. 

Let's work together on-location - be it a studio, a rented farmhouse, or your restaurant - to get the food photos you need for your business.  Your gallery of edited images will come a few weeks later, and with a few clicks you'll be ready to share with the world.

Make 'em drool.

Get started for $750, or $275 monthly.


Food + Drink gallery

Fill out the form below to let me know you're interested, then I'll send over a questionnaire: here's where you get to dish about what you want out of your photos! Everything from colors, styles, themes, and more. You'll even have a chance to share your Pinspiration with me so we know we're on the same page.



How it works

Walk through the process step-by-step below!

I'll start working on your session plan and send a summary over to you to review. Prior to your photo session, we may hop on a call (or at least keep in contact via email) to finalize details, such as location, date and time, and overall vibe.



Together we'll work our magic to bring your vision to life!



Over the next two weeks, I'll be editing your photos. A few minor touch ups and they'll be uploaded to your personal online gallery. Use the PIN code in the gallery email and download all of your photos as a ZIP file. Upload to your website, social media or start drafting blog posts. Use however you desire!



Photo delivery! Upload to your website, social media or create print materials for marketing. Hooray! You're looking good with those shiny new photos on your website and social media!



Say no more, mon amour - I'm in!

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Is your question not answered here? Send me an email!

Fill out the contact form below to let me know you're interested. I'll send over an email with pricing and other information.

Once we chat and make sure we're the right fit for each other, the process begins with a questionnaire to get to know more about you and your brand.

After the session I'll be hard at work culling and editing your images. Turnaround time is 14 business days or less from your shoot day.

If you've requested a proofing gallery, your turnaround time begins from proof selection.

Before your session, I'll send over a questionnaire that helps me to learn a bit more about your brand and your overall vision. You'll have the chance to fill me in on things like preferred photo orientation, must-have photos, and more.

We'll work together to plan for your session so that we're both on the same page, which will require you to create - at the very least - a general shot list. This keeps the session moving along as we make the most efficient use of our time. As a general rule, the more specific the shot list, the quicker each shot setup will take.

If you know more specific types of images you're looking for - say a variety of header images with empty space for text in the center - make a list of those so we can be sure to get them!

Most food and drink photo sessions take place on-location, i.e. the client's restaurant or kitchen. This will depend on several factors, such as the portability of the food/drink, and the preferred aesthetic for images. Most industrial kitchens are not photo session ready, so I only recommend them if we're using backdrops.

Items that are very portable (such as candies and baked goods) can be dropped off to be photographed in my studio, particularly if the images are flatlays.

Restaurant, café, and winery/brewery locations offer a sense of the actual environment and can be flexible with the addition of artificial lighting.

I am personally not a food stylist. I can (and do) style food for my shoots, but I am far from a professional-level food stylist.

If you want the food to be:
plated just as it would be served to a customer;
styled simply and naturally;
photographed in a lifestyle setting;

you probably do not need the work of a food stylist.

However if you want the food to be:
presented as a work of art;
as perfect as possible;
photographed close up for a very large print ad;
styled in an artistic and editorial way;

then you should consider hiring a food stylist to assist in the shoot.

Yes, I do!

Let's say your product is coffee. Do you want it photographed with a human holding a latte, such that that the coffee is still the main (and obvious) focus, like in this example, but you see evidence of human interaction? This would still be food photography. This sort of photography takes more setup to achieve each shot, and fewer images may be delivered.

Do you want a human living their best life in a café - while they happen to be holding a latte made of your coffee, which may or may not be the obvious focus of the photo (like in this example)? That's brand storytelling. Brand storytelling is photographed in a lifestyle manner and takes less setup to get a variety of shots, therefore your gallery may include more images.

But at the end of the day, your shoot will be entirely based around your needs. Both food photography and brand storytelling photography are the same price, they can be combined, and the biggest difference is the total number of images delivered.

Instead of booking separate sessions through the year, I offer subscriptions where you'll get images monthly or quarterly delivered to your inbox.

What's the big deal? Let's make a list, shall we?

•Subscribers get a discounted rate vs one-off photo sessions!

•A smaller, recurring monthly payment to make bookkeeping simple

•Use your photo allotment how you wish - monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly - whatever works best for your needs

•Subscriber-only stock library - even more images at no extra charge!

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