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Your clients + followers want to see you, not the vanilla version of you. Stand out amongst the crowd by being in your natural element doing the things that you love. Now in bite sized mini sessions!



Personal Brand Merry Mini Session

November 20, 2019
Get a jump start to your holiday content planning with Christmas styled portraits and custom brand stock imagery.
Early bird registration available through November 6th, 2019.
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Upcoming Headshot + Personal Brand Mini Sessions

Weds. Nov 20, 2019 // leesburg, va

Personal Brand Merry Mini Session


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Common Questions

(...Or so I'm assuming)

20 minutes sounds short, but you'd be amazed at how much we can get done in that time (because we prepare in advance, of course!). After headshots, we'll jump into lifestyle portraits, the meaning of which will vary from person to person.I like to ease folks into photos with the simplest pose - the headshot - and go from there. You can expect a mix of camera-aware images (looking into the camera) as well as a few candids. These are perfect for adding to your "About Me" page, or for sharing on social media. Besides, there's no need to take ourselves so seriously that we can't take a minute to dance!

Yes! Bring a laptop or journal if you'd like to show yourself in a work-like setting. Are you an artist or maker? Work on a portable project in your photos! You can even use these photos as a chance to show off your non-work related hobbies. For example, I'm obviously a professional photographer. But if I were attending a brand photo mini session, I might bring along some of my watercolors and a half-finished painting so I could have photos of myself working on my art. I start a lot of conversations and connections on social media thanks to my love of painting!

Two at most. Mini sessions are mini for a reason - they're meant to be quick and just cover the basics. That said, I totally encourage you to get as much variety from your photos as possible. Two full outfit changes max, or simply swap out your top and accessories. Consider your brand colors and vibe when choosing your outfits, and don't forget to be yourself!

What type of photos can I expect?

Should I bring props?

How many outfit changes do you recommend?

 I hate getting my picture taken! But you quickly made me feel comfortable with your sweetheart personality and us bonding over our awkwardness. So my photos weren't stiff and boring like I feared! 

 "OMG you have to use Alicia!"

kelly Costigan //  Eating 8 Safe Founder

Hire her now, and don't even talk to me about how you can DIY this shit -- 'cause you can't, and won't, and her work is better anyway, and cute selfies with Instagram filters on them are IN NO WAY the same as headshots with a wise and ease-making human like Alicia. 

 "These are *better* than they were in my head. (And they were pretty freaking stunning in my head.) "

Kristen Kalp //  Business Coach + Author



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