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Your clients and colleagues want to see you, not the vanilla version of you. Stand out amongst the crowd by being in your natural element doing the things that you love.


show them who you are

Which sounds more appealing?
a) White backdrop, stiff pose, awkward smile
b) A comfortable space, your favorite shirt, real laughter

You've come this far on my site, so I'm willing to bet that it's option b.

These aren't your dad's headshots - sure, they'll provide the same purpose, but they'll do it with so much more personality.

A headshot session is for you if you're looking for just a handful of photos that show your face. If you need more time or images, check out my brand lifestyle sessions or contact me.

Can't make it to a scheduled event? Gather a few friends and let's make a headshot party!

Over the next two weeks, I'll be editing your photos. A few minor touch ups (because nobody likes blemishes!) and they'll be uploaded to your personal online gallery. Upload to your website, social media or create print materials for marketing. YAY!


A day or two after the shoot, I'll export your unedited proofs to an online photo gallery. Pick your favorites to be edited!


At your photo session, all you've got to bring is yourself and your confidence. No, really: your photos will turn out so much better if you give yourself permission to relax and let go of any self consciousness. Don't worry - I'll help!


I'll send you a short questionnaire to fill out. This is your chance to tell me everything you're expecting from your photo session - including a spot to link an inspiration board if you've been doing a little pinteresting.


Take a look at my upcoming headshot events below. Sign up for one, and sit tight - I'll be in touch soon after!


How it works

Walk through a headshot portrait session step-by-step below!






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