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You're not just selling your skills or a service, you're selling a lifestyle.
Highlight your work in action with brand lifestyle photos.

WHAT THE           IS BRAND lifestyle PHOTOGRAPHY?


Make them love the real you!

Artist. Interior designer. Blogger. Coach. Influencer. Whatever your specialty, as a solo entrepreneur you absolutely need loads of images.

Consider brand ‚Äčlifestyle photography your own personal library of images that you can pull from when you need content for social media or a blog post that's lacking images. 

Forget simple headshots: let people see the real you when you add some casual flair to make them fall in love with you. From behind-the-scenes shots of you creating, to portraits of yourself for Follow Friday, you'll be set for months. Bonus: you'll help to foster a connection to your clients and followers by introducing them to the person behind the brand!

Show off your latest design project. Document a real life workshop you're teaching. Save up your sponsored posts to shoot in batches. It's all gold!

Ready to kill it with fresh photos?

Get it done for $750, OR $275 MONTHLY.

Hooray! You're looking good with those shiny new photos on your website and social media!


Over the next two weeks, I'll be editing your photos. A few minor touch ups (because nobody likes blemishes!) and they'll be uploaded to your personal online gallery. Use the PIN code in the gallery email and download all of your photos as a ZIP file. Upload to your website, social media or start drafting blog posts. Use however you desire!


Together we'll work our magic to bring your vision to life, whether it's a full rebranding session or a few hours spent shooting your next few months of social media posts.


Prior to your photo session, we may hop on a call (or at least keep in contact via email) to finalize details, such as location, date and time, and overall vibe.


Send me an email through the contact form below and I'll send you a short questionnaire to fill out. This is your chance to tell me everything you're expecting from your photo session - including a spot to link an inspiration board if you've been doing a little pinteresting.


How it works

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