What to wear for your engagement shoot ・Guest post by it’s julien

{I’m currently blessed enough to be traipsing around Europe right now (follow along with me on instagram!), and I’ve asked some of my awesome blogger friends to guest post while I’m away. Today’s guest blogger: DC-based fashion blogger Julien Garman of the blog It’s Julien. Take it away, girl!}


It’s been a few years since I’ve been engaged, but with our anniversary coming up, I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas on what to wear during an engagement shoot!

Doing engagement photos is honestly less about the photos than really getting to know your photographer. These are sort of a test run for your big day and to see how your photographer works. Being comfortable with someone who will be taking your photos all day is a super important component to having those Pinterest-worthy pictures you dream about.


Find photos of what you want and share those with your photographer!
I can’t tell you how much this helped while taking photos. I created a Pinterest board with my photographer, sent her specific poses and ideas I liked and we made them our own on the day of the shoot!

OK! Now – what to wear.


Always aim for classic over trendy
Crop tops, fringe skirts, and culottes…all these trends I’m loving right now. HOWEVER, when it comes to photos that will hang in your home for a lifetime, really focus on those pieces with longevity. A classic silk blouse, the perfect A-line dress, or a blazer are perfect.
Let your personality shine
If you’re a city girl, go for a fun shoot among the monuments or in your favorite DC neighborhood! If you’re more into sunflowers and wispy fields, head to a more country setting. The latter was our preference – we shot our engagement photos near my husband’s parents’ home in the Shenandoah.
Don’t forget about accessories
Picking out an outfit is the easy part – styling it is when it can become more difficult! Wear accessories that compliment what you’re wearing and include special touches, like the necklace your grandmother gave you…or a pair of earrings you wore on your first date. Details sore high on Pinterest, and if you’re looking to get it featured, focus on the little things. And grab a couple of fun props!

 It’s Julien is a fashion and lifestyle blog catering to women who are looking for budget-friendly inspiration for everyday style. Julien aims to conquer style challenges (like how to wear a crop top to work), loves sharing her favorite local shops, and covers DC’s most fashionable events. She lives in the DC area with her hubby and their mischievous pup, Dallas. You can view her engagement photos here.

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