Paint the town with whimsy, one wall at a time

Murals by Alicia

Neutral? Don't know her.

Because the world doesn't need any more beige.

Ever travel outside of the US and notice that some towns are so good about embracing color? Whether it's a row of pastel houses or a city with a booming public art program, I always come home wondering why things here are so... beige.

I'm taking it upon myself to bring my color and joy to the world by painting murals. No canvas is too small - even if you want a mini mural on the front door of your shop, I'm ready to make that happen.

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Custom murals

For small businesses + municipalities looking to spice up boring surfaces

Custom Designed Murals

What I do: Design and implement custom illustrated murals for indoor and outdoor surfaces, including doors, walls, electric boxes, portable canvases, etc.
Who I do it for: Anyone looking to commission a custom design to fit their brand or vibe; those who want to be a part of the design revision process.

Nobody likes a boring wall

Two custom design rounds: sketches + color drafts

At least 3 initial design concept sketches

Up to 3 change request rounds 

A mockup of the final design on your wall/surface

Hand painted mural implementation

Add on option: License to sell branded merch with the mural design -or- purchase wholesale products

Here's what you get:

Initial info + estimate


What to expect when you're expecting... a mural.

The Mural Process




Mock Up

Transfer design



Mural pricing is highly variable because of the factors involved which may drastically change the supplies and time involved. Some of those factors are: wall type/texture, square footage, indoor vs outdoor, whether I'm painting solo or hiring assistants, number of colors in the design, and complexity of the design.

How are murals priced? What goes into an estimate?

So what should I expect to budget?

For the sake of giving you some numbers to work with, let's assume you're requesting a custom design on a 10x10' indoor wall on smooth drywall. That's 100 square feet to be painted, and I'd likely do this project without assistants over several days. For a full custom design process, supplies, and paint job you can expect to invest around $2500-$3000.
These are approximate numbers, of course, so don't be afraid to reach out to get a better estimate for your particular mural.

Absolutely! You have a few options: Reduce the number of design concepts or revision rounds; pre-prime the surface; pre-purchase the supplies (based on my supply list); recruit friends or team members to assist my painting process; reduce the number of colors; reduce the mural size; or use a pre-designed mural. Definitely let me know ahead of time if you have a budget and I'm happy to do my best to work within it. 

Is it possible to adjust the project in order to meet my budget?

The only customization that can be made is done on my end to adjust the pre-made design to naturally fit on your surface. For example, moving elements to fit around windows or doors. You will have approval of any design changes before the painting process begins.

Can I customize the pre-designed murals? (Coming soon)

Colors can be changed upon request. For example, I'm more than happy to change, say, a primarily pink design to a different color palette that fits your brand/vibe more.  The caveat is that it must also vibe with my artwork. i.e. I won't change my designs to be mostly neutral, dark/black, etc.

What about colors? (Pre-designed murals coming soon!)

At this time I am only licensing pre-designed murals to local clients as I will be the one painting. Clients outside of the DC-VA area may hire me for custom or pre-made murals, though in most cases travel costs will incur (unless I am already going to be in your location).
Pre-made designs may not be used without my explicit permission.

Can we purchase a design to paint ourselves?

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