Prepping for Alt: What to Wear + Packing Tips

Color Lovers Rejoice!

Alt Summit in Palm Springs is the place to wear your most colorful outfits and accessories. Hot pink, sunshine yellow, tangerine orange – it’s all game!

I left behind a rainy and gray east coast Winter and landed in the abundant California sunshine with all of my most colorful pieces. The clothing I saw at Alt Summit varied from dressed up to casual, brightly colored to neutral, statement to simple. Literally anything goes. Shorts and a t-shirt? Absolutely. Head to toe neon florals? Yup. Sundress and sandals? Of course. Jeans and a blouse? Obviously. Take a look:

You can’t go wrong with a colorful sundress on a hot California day.


Make a statement with a unique dress, or a t-shirt that says it all.


A denim jacket kept me warm inside the chilly ballroom during my roundtable, and I popped it in my bag when I went outside in the sun.


There are loads of opportunities to take a seat on the ground, so the more comfortable your outfit, the better.


It’s Palm Springs, so go retro!

Pants and a cute top are a great way to stay comfortable when switching between chilly indoor spaces and the warm outdoors.

Make sure you bring along comfy footwear to swap out during the week when your fun shoes start to hurt. P.s. I handmade my entire outfit on the left!


Don’t forget the sunnies!


Packing Tips for Alt Summit

  • Pack everything in checked luggage and make sure you have room to spare. Normally I am a carry-on person, but you’re likely going to return home with more than you arrived with, so any extra space will be beneficial.
  • Bring along a duffle bag that’s easy to stuff into your checked bag. This way if you’re short on space when you’re heading home, you can toss all of your dirty laundry in the duffle and use your sturdy luggage to transport things like shoes, toiletries, and Alt swag.
  • Plan for a variety of outfits so you can switch it up based on your plan for the day. I dressed up with a colorful dress, yellow clogs, and a denim jacket on my first roundtable presentation day, but went casual (“summer camp chic”) on my Maker Space day with overalls and Birkenstocks.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize! Hats, scarves, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, and shoes can change up the look of an outfit if you end up re-wearing anything.
  • Imma be fr rn and just let you know that I’m a sweaty person. I don’t often re-wear tops… unless I pack a bar of laundry soap for a little freshening up.
  • Make sure you have a light jacket or cardigan for chilly conference rooms or after sundown.
  • Sunblock! That California sun doesn’t mess around, and leaving your skin prone to skin cancer isn’t a cute lewk.
  • If you plan to venture out into the desert (which I highly recommend), remember to pack some athletic clothes and sneakers. Likewise if you’re planning to work out during your time at Alt.
  • Stuff a box of snacks into your checked baggage to keep in your hotel room. You can always Uber into town to get snacks for your room/to keep in your day bag, but coming prepared is just one less step.
  • Make sure one of your carry on bags can double as a day bag while you’re at Alt. I brought along a big yellow tote bag which worked perfectly for me, fitting my camera, my notebook, water bottle, and jacket.


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