Brand Market DC

One of the things one must do as an entrepreneur is to always keep learning. No matter how much you think you know about running your business, you always stand to gain more. Which is why I signed up for the traveling Brand Market Workshop, held in Alexandria this past Saturday.

You can visit the Brand Market website for more information, but essentially it is a one day intensive workshop helping entrepreneurs at all levels learn how to boost their brand through better marketing, improved social media usage, photography, and collaborations with other creatives.  Some information I knew (photography, natch), but I gained so much more in other areas.

Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design is the genius behind the Brand Market workshop.  In each city, she brings on a couple of co-hosts who are successful entrepreneurs in their own right; Brand Market DC was co-hosted by my girls Rebecca (A Daily Something) and Joy (Mornings Like These), two extremely sweet and talented ladies I’ve been lucky enough to meet this past year. It seems funny to attend a workshop hosted by people who are just like you: young wives, mothers, bloggers – just normal gals living a normal life.  But when it comes to their brands, they have excelled in ways in which I aspire, which is why I went in the first place.  I took pages of messy notes (which I now need to transcribe before they start to look like ancient hieroglyphics and I can no longer interpret them), made lots of great connections, and even talked to Rebecca about working together on a styled shoot.  It’s all happening.

I didn’t take too many pictures (I was too busy learning, y’all), nor are they indicative of my best work, but below are a few highlights.

brandmarketdc-2 brandmarketdc-1 brandmarketdc-3brandmarketdc-4brandmarketdc-5brandmarketdc-6brandmarketdc-7brandmarketdc-8brandmarketdc-9brandmarketdc-21
brandmarketdc-11brandmarketdc-12brandmarketdc-13brandmarketdc-14brandmarketdc-15brandmarketdc-16brandmarketdc-19brandmarketdc-25brandmarketdc-27 Thanks to Anna and The Brand Market Workshop for coming to DC!  Merci to Rebecca and Joy for being wonderful hosts.  Danke to the gracious girls of Sweet Root Village for the usage of their studio.  And much love to all of the Brand Market swag tote sponsors for the awesome goodies we all got to take home!

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