Crêpes at La Petite Lou Lou Cafe

Ever since I bought myself a round trip ticket to Paris for next month*, my evenings have been consumed by brushing up on French and making a list of places I want to visit on my second trip back. I am très excité to return to the city with no plans except to spend my days wandering like a true flâneur. It’s just over a month away, but I can hardly wait to eat crêpes and drink coffee in one of my favorite cities in the world.

la petite lou lou cafeHere in Virginia, fellow Francophiles like myself have been awaiting the opening of a local cafe and crêperie, La Petite Lou Lou. With lines out the door most of this weekend, Petite Lou Lou had to close early yesterday afternoon as they had sold completely out of food. Talk about an enthusiastic welcome!

Today, however, they opened at 7am ready to welcome customers with fresh quiches, croissants, and crêpes. After my dog Bronson woke me up uncharacteristically early this morning, I figured I’d make the most of it and try beating the crowd.
la petite lou lou cafe

Toto, we’re not in Virginia anymore.

If I didn’t tell you any better, I’ll bet I could fool you into thinking these images were actually taken in Paris. Every tiny detail – from the overhead lighting originating from the French ambassador’s home, to the intricately hand-painted floor – has been attended to. I think I audibly gasped when we walked in and I saw how perfectly Parisian the owners had styled this small-town Virginia cafe.

Beryl, Brielle, and I chose a four-top table bathed in sunlight from les portes-fenêtres (French windows), open wide on this unseasonably warm February morning. The marble tabletop was adorned with a centerpiece by Petals and Hedges, leftover from opening night and only slightly less perky.

la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe

Crêpes sit atop a doily, then served on antique silver platters. The French are a classy people, so I would like to think that they would approve of this display.

I tapped my foot to the French music filling the cafe as I made my way through a slice of quiche and a sweet crêpe filled with nutella and strawberries. The only thing missing from this otherwise Parisian scene is an old Frenchman at a table by the window smoking a cigarette while sipping un café (an espresso) and contemplating life.

And here at La Petite Lou Lou Cafe, life is indeed la vie en rose.

la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe la petite lou lou cafe

Get your crêpe on:

You can visit La Petite Lou Lou for crêpes, croissants, sandwiches, and more daily from 7am – 9pm at the Shops at Main and Maple in Purcellville, VA.

*I’m not a big winter person. Unless it’s snowing, I could really skip from New Year’s Day to the start of spring and be happy without the cloudy, chilly, and bare days in between.

So last month I got a little stir crazy and on a whim, used some money I had saved and bought a round trip plane ticket to Paris. I leave on March 23rd and will spend a week in the city of light – solo.

So… do you live in Paris? Will you be there during the last week of March? Do you have freelance work you’d like to request of me while I am there? (e.g. product photography, environmental photography for your brand, etc) Send me a note, tout suite!

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