A Roundup of Honeymoon Destinations

With the entire world just a plane ride away, choosing a honeymoon destination can be overwhelming. I haven’t exactly been all around the world (yet), however many of the spots I’ve visited make for great honeymoon destinations. It makes it a little awkward when I’m by myself or with a friend instead of my husband.

Stuck on ideas for your honeymoon? Here’s a list I’m compiled based off of some of the places I’ve been, or perhaps hope to visit someday. Maybe they’ll fuel your wanderlust like they do mine.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Go for: views of the beautiful blue sea, sailing, cliffside villages, pasta, gelato, days spent strolling the town or lounging on the beach.


Go for: sunsets, coastal drives, fish tacos, surfing, relaxing on the beach, national parks, DisneyLand, laid-back vibes.

The Caribbean:

Go for: relaxing on the beach, all-inclusives, day drinking, sunshine.

St. Lucia

Walt Disney World + Disney Cruise

Go for: nostalgia, indulging your inner child, Splash Mountain, fireworks, Dole Whips, sunsets at sea, all-inclusive food, beaches.


Go for: lush greenery, volcanoes, hiking, beach days, adventure activities, surfing, the aloha spirit and chill vibes.


Go for: the Blue Lagoon, seafood, exploring other-worldly landscapes, volcanoes, hiking, the Northern Lights (winter), almost 24 hours of sun (summer).


Go for: margaritas, relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, tequila.

Paris, France

Go for: romance, pain au chocolat, strolling hand-in-hand along the Seine, picnics, getting lost in charming neighborhoods, wine, macarons, impressionism.

Rome, Italy

Go for: pizza, pasta, gelato, wine, Roman ruins,

The {American} South

Go for: southern accents, southern food, oak trees covered in Spanish moss, strolling neighborhoods at dusk under the glow of gas lamps, biscuits, history.

Savannah, Georgia


Go for: whisky, the Highlands, Harry Potter filming locations, hiking, more whisky, untouched landscapes, rolling green hills, moody mist and fog.

South America

Go for: adventure, the Andes, the Amazon, colorful textiles, friendly locals, traditional foods, riding horseback, hiking, volcanoes, beaches.


  1. Brett says:

    Dying to go to the Amalfi Coast and Iceland!!! What a great list!!! Those Scotland photos are so dreamy! I went to Edinburgh in college but never got a change to see the Highlands… looks like I’ll just have to check off everything on this list by myself haha #single.