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The Hotels The Alt Summit peeps knocked it out of the park by choosing Palm Springs, California as the most recent location to host the conference. The type of people that Alt attracts are drawn to at least one thing about Palm Springs, whether it’s the sunshine, the bright colors, the Mid-Century Modern vibes, the […]

Alt Summit 2019: The Hotels

shoot and share contest alicia bruce


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(Because I’m a real procrastinator, alright?) Last year I submitted some images to the Shoot & Share Photo Contest and was lucky enough to have some of them place in the top 30% or higher. It’s easy to brush over accomplishments like this and assume that people won’t care. And maybe you won’t care. But […]

Shoot & Share Photo Contest Results… from 2018

mingle wreath workshop


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It’s been nearly two years since this event, but patience is the name of the game when it comes to getting work published! In December 2016, I partnered up with Julie Abrera of Beaumont House Design, and Elizabeth Mock of Modern Mercantile to co-host a Christmas wreath workshop in downtown Berryville, VA. When the workshop […]

Christmas Wreath Workshop with Beaumont House Design and Modern Mercantile

quirk hotel richmond sleepover brand photography alicia bruce


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The Quirk Hotel in Richmond, VA, is probably one of the most photogenic hotels in the state. With its vaulted ceilings (I think? I’m no architect.) and large windows, the space fills with light. Not to mention the stylish decor and pops of color everywhere…  it’s easy to see why the Quirk photographs extremely well. […]

Let’s have a sleepover at the Quirk Hotel!


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Did you know that January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day, or that September 16th is Guacamole Day? I didn’t, until I put together a free printable list of random daily holidays just for readers. I want you to keep your Instagram posts fun by incorporating some of these days into your images or captions. Engage […]

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Heading into your photo session with ZERO idea what to wear? GURL. Literally me. But for some reason when I’m not the one in front of the camera, I can pull together outfit ideas like it’s no big deal. And not only outfits: how about a photo session that’s outside the norm of person/couple + […]

Photo Session Outfit Inspo with Modcloth

hippie boho flower crown engagement session bear's den bluemont virginia


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I think in a former life I was a hippie. I just love the whole granola, yoga, spiritual, flowy dress, peace and love, jam band, flower crown sort of vibe. Even though I live my life as a sort of awkward nerd type, deep down I think I’ve got a little of that boho vibe […]

Boho Summer Engagement Session at Bear’s Den Overlook

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That said, my bright-eyed dreams of being a California girl inspire my art from every angle. As a professional photographer I can't bring palm trees and warm sunsets to Virginia in January, but I can let those things play a role in my artwork.

I tend to favor a mix of pastel and bright colors reminiscent of southern California and the 1960s, wildflowers that might have been found in a hippie's flower crown, and lettering that has a little bit of flair to keep it whimsical.

Hi, I'm Alicia. 

In reality, I live hours from the ocean and my skin is pretty damn pale.

In my head, I'm a coastal girl with salty hair and sun-kissed skin.