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Yeah, I still have a blog.

Moodboard with 1960s-1970s vibes


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Remember The Market at Ballenger? The wonderful themed + curated local handcraft + vintage market I have been a part of since its start in 2020? Well they’ve rebranded and I’m humbled that I was hired to be the one to design their new look.   Introducing: The Merrymaker’s Market!     Inspiration included vintage […]

Brand Design: The Merrymaker’s Market


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It’s a difficult question to answer. My initial response is to say no, not yet, but I’m working on it. And then I take a second and realize that where I am today feels incredible when I think about where I was a year or two ago. October 2020 Alicia had her arm in an […]

Am I A Success? • Immersion Live with Bonnie Christine… and me!


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Okay, first of all: HOLY SH!T. MY NAME is on the selvedge edge of fabric right alongside the name Cotton + Steel, one of my favorite fabric manufacturers. I mean quite literally, I think I might own more C + S fabric than any other manufacturer. WILD. I’ll go over the process of how this […]

Introducing Jungle Cruisin’ – my first fabric collection released with Cotton + Steel!


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Sometime last year I tried my hand at making my own font. Because of course I needed to learn another skill… Anyway, I uploaded it to Creative Market and then never did much of anything with it. ADHD strikes again, my friends. But I think this whimsical font needs to make its official entrance into […]

New font alert: Flowerbox!


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I know Becca of Ad-Meliora Skateboards through the local DC skate group, Flo DMV. We met a handful of times at skate park meetups and damn, she’s sick as hell. I was stoked when she reached out last year to say that she and a friend were starting a skate brand: one that would be […]

Happy Pride! T-Shirt Illustration for Ad Meliora Skateboards

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No kitten around.

I've created a sketchbook challenge guide filled with 30 days of exercises and loads of sketchbook prompts - and it's totally free. No kitten around.

it's free!

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That said, my bright-eyed dreams of being a California girl inspire my art from every angle. As a professional photographer I can't bring palm trees and warm sunsets to Virginia in January, but I can let those things play a role in my artwork.

I tend to favor a mix of pastel and bright colors reminiscent of southern California and the 1960s, wildflowers that might have been found in a hippie's flower crown, and lettering that has a little bit of flair to keep it whimsical.

Hi, I'm Alicia. 

In reality, I live hours from the ocean and my skin is pretty damn pale.

In my head, I'm a coastal girl with salty hair and sun-kissed skin.