One of the fun things about getting to second shoot weddings with friends is that sometimes it turns into a work weekend away – a mix of business and leisure, but on the business card’s dime. Earlier this month I was set to second shoot with Krysta Norman down in Richmond, which is a good […]

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Wedding Weekend at the Quirk Hotel

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**Scroll down to learn about how you can visit Paris with me in September!** In one of my previous posts, I talked about my new love of shooting film on my travels. It’s freeing to leave the heavy digital body behind and just carry my lightweight film camera + one lens. And with only 36 […]

Traveling with Film: Paris, April 2018

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Salut! I’ve recently returned from another trip to Paris (does that make me sound worldly or pretentious? Either way I don’t care, because #lifelongdreamscomingtrue) and while I’ve got thousands of digital images to continue editing, my film scans are back! I recently got into shooting on film while traveling thanks to my good friend and […]

Traveling with Film

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“Leap and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs It’s a quote often seen on inspirational bumper stickers or printed on the cover of notebooks in gold foil, a reminder to take chances and deal with the outcome later. But what is the net? Where does it come from? And who makes sure it actually […]

My Ecuador Adventure with Traveling Jackie

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Salut, mes amis! Last month I did something that, by my standards, was rather adventurous: I took a solo trip to Paris for a week because I found cheap flights and, well, why not? In the weeks before my trip (because there were only weeks between buying tickets and actually departing) I started reaching out […]

Virginia Dare Dress Co x Whitney in Paris

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Weekday mornings in Paris are an odd mélange of city noises and stunning quiet. It all depends on where you are, of course. Metro stations are a constant stream of people, few chatting as they mostly wear headphones or read a book. Packed trains empty for a second or two before filling again with a […]

Morning in Paris with Travel Blogger Ainsley About the World

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Of all the caribbean islands (at least the ones I’ve been to), Saint Lucia is the one that gives off south Pacific vibes the most. Which is exactly why my brother and his now wife chose this island on which to be married a few weeks ago.

Wander with me: St. Lucia