I Wanted Cheesesteak – My Quirky Wedding Planning Guide!

Fact: Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many sources for inspiration: Pinterest, wedding blogs, magazines, even TV shows – so the last thing I need to do is add to it. However, I think so few people these days really think about how to incorporate their quirks into their wedding day. Often it becomes a day filled with blush and tulle and ribbon and flowers and all kinds of things that you’ll find on every. single. wedding blog. that exists. And that’s cool and all, but you know yourself best: tea-length dresses are your favorite, and frankly, when it comes to dessert, you’re really more of a pie person.

But wait. What if I told you that it was possible to have an amazing (and you know, elegant and appropriate) wedding without giving in to the need to be like every other wedding?


I present to you ‘I Wanted Cheesesteak: My Quirky Wedding Planning Guide in a Sea of Sameness‘ – A totally free PDF filled with suggestions on how to make your wedding a little more you.



I’ve been working on this for months (and by ‘working on’ I really mean creating it, letting it sit for months, and then finally deciding to upload it for public view) and a few very sweet people had some very kind words to say about it.




So without further ado I present it to you now, totally free! Just enter your email below and the document will be sent to your inbox like magic.

Peace, love, and cheesesteaks,


P.S. Already married? Please do me a solid and share this post with anyone you know who is, or will be, wedding planning in the near future. In fact, I challenge you to think of three people who would enjoy this!  Aaaand go!

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