Color Lovers Rejoice! Alt Summit in Palm Springs is the place to wear your most colorful outfits and accessories. Hot pink, sunshine yellow, tangerine orange – it’s all game! I left behind a rainy and gray east coast Winter and landed in the abundant California sunshine with all of my most colorful pieces. The clothing […]

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Prepping for Alt: What to Wear + Packing Tips

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The Hotels The Alt Summit peeps knocked it out of the park by choosing Palm Springs, California as the most recent location to host the conference. The type of people that Alt attracts are drawn to at least one thing about Palm Springs, whether it’s the sunshine, the bright colors, the Mid-Century Modern vibes, the […]

Alt Summit 2019: The Hotels

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The struggle of returning to reality is real, yo. A few nights ago I returned home from Alt Summit and I’m trying to wrap my head around the experience so I can share it with you all. There’s really so much to tell, so the best way I can serve you is to break it […]

Alt Summit 2019: Post-Alt Wrap-Up + Blog Series

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(Because I’m a real procrastinator, alright?) Last year I submitted some images to the Shoot & Share Photo Contest and was lucky enough to have some of them place in the top 30% or higher. It’s easy to brush over accomplishments like this and assume that people won’t care. And maybe you won’t care. But […]

Shoot & Share Photo Contest Results… from 2018

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Bonjour, mes amies! Ever wander around your town or city and think “For the love of Crayola, why is every house white, beige, or gray when there are thousands of other colors to choose from?” I mean, honestly there’s no reason why our homes shouldn’t be a rainbow of colors as unique as the people […]

My Favorite Street in Paris

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It’s been nearly two years since this event, but patience is the name of the game when it comes to getting work published! In December 2016, I partnered up with Julie Abrera of Beaumont House Design, and Elizabeth Mock of Modern Mercantile to co-host a Christmas wreath workshop in downtown Berryville, VA. When the workshop […]

Christmas Wreath Workshop with Beaumont House Design and Modern Mercantile

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The Quirk Hotel in Richmond, VA, is probably one of the most photogenic hotels in the state. With its vaulted ceilings (I think? I’m no architect.) and large windows, the space fills with light. Not to mention the stylish decor and pops of color everywhere…  it’s easy to see why the Quirk photographs extremely well. […]

Let’s have a sleepover at the Quirk Hotel!